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Here at the Irish School of Reflexology (ISR) we provide professional training programmes which vary in length from 1 day up to 14 months. The school provides a recognised and accredited Diploma Qualification in Reflexology in two locations: Dublin and Donegal. We also run a Reflexology Refresher Course for previously qualified reflexologoists and a new Hand Reflexology Course. We facilitate beginners, post-graduates and practitioners in developing their skills and expanding their knowledge. To find out more about our Reflexology Courses in Dublin and Donegal please visit our courses page


The training in traditional Reflexology we offer enables students to build their own successful practices or add to their existing health care practices. Helping others to heal is our mission and the priority in everything that we teach. We aim to offer our students a fulfilling learning experience and build confidence in their ability to help others. Our overall mission is to promote healing through the benefits of Reflexology.


We only work with small groups [20 students] and give one-to-one guidance under the supervision of trainers with years of clinical and teaching experience in the industry of complementary healing.


If you chose to enroll in a training course with us we will offer you a fascinating, challenging and very fulfilling journey.


Some of the modules on offer include: 

  • How to use Reflexology to work on specific illnesses and conditions as well as the whole body

  • How to set up your own Reflexology practice

  • Anatomy and physiology

  • Nutrition and healthy habits 

  • How to interact with patients and manage their care 

Message from Principal Tatiana Grosso

When I first started my training in Reflexology straight away I realised it was more than just a diploma I was undertaking. I  felt it  was first of all a journey for myself, a way of getting in tune with my inner self, a developing process to discover my real potential and well being. At the Irish School of Reflexology we believe that all our students will first discover their own abilities as human beings with the supporting help of our teachers. We will help each individual to develop their skills and awareness, assisting them during the process so that they in turn can help heal others. The course itself will be interesting, challanging and very fulfilling. I look forward to meeting you! 


Here's what some of our past students have said about us:

'I really enjoyed the Reflexology Diploma. I learnt so much and made some great friends! I feel a lot better and know so much more about myself as a human being. I love that I can now help people.' Niamh- Dublin


'I really enjoyed the Diploma, especially the student interaction. I really appreciated the encouragement from the tutors which boosted my self-confidence' Kathy- Athlone 


'Wonderful experience' Claire-Kildare 

Our Practice:

The treatment we teach here at the Irish School of Reflexology is the original Eunice Ingham's treatment which has been proven to be very effective as we use it every day in our practices.

As a student myself I was lucky enough to have Sr. Brega Whelan as my teacher. Sr. Brega is a real pioneer of Reflexology. She has been in the field since 1982 and I was lucky enough to be in her last class before her retirement. 
She is the author of Reflexology: Harmony and Health, a wonderful guide to reflexology that I have found invaluable in my own practice.

The results we get from the treatment are quite extraordinary. This type of reflexology works very well in cases of pain in the back, legs / knees, elbows , bowel problems, anxiety and stress, amongst other conditions. It is truly amazing to get great feedback from the clients I practice on coming back with wonderful results. Training in reflexology is so interesting and the amazing results I hear about from clients makes my work incredibly rewarding. 

Even once our students start using the treatment themselves on their family and friends they are quick to realise the healing potential of it and that makes their passion for Reflexology grow. There is truly something great about being able to help others for a living, and Reflexology training with us allows our students to develop this talent and make a real change in people’s health and wellbeing. 

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